Dutch Boy Furniture

About Dutch Boy Furniture

Dutch Boy Furniture  is a very unique store because of the outstanding quality and craftsmanship displayed in each of the pieces crafted from SOLID WOOD.  Dutch Boy Furniture was established in 2001 by Vernon Gingerich who continues to be the owner and manager of  the business.

It may be of interest as to how the store got its name "Dutch Boy".  The owner and his family speak a German Dialect in the home called "Pennsylvania Dutch" as a second language.  As a boy, this was the first language or dialect that the owner and his family would have learned until they went to school and learned the English language.  This is also true about the Amish Craftsmen who make most of the furniture sold at "Dutch Boy".

At Dutch Boy Furniture we find it fulfilling to offer to you of the finest quality solid wood furniture available today.  Our furniture is hand-made by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen in Ohio and Pennsylvania.   In both the manufacturing and finishing, they try to bring forth the character of the wood.  The beauty of hardwood is an expression of nature.  It is not engineered, nor is it synthetic;  its beauty is not only skin deep.  Just as every tree in nature is a little different from the next, every product is one of a kind.  Solid hardwood furniture is beautiful and functional throughout an entire lifetime and beyond.  Enduring designs and quality construction allow these masterpieces to hold its value decade after decade.

The Manufacturing Process

The timber is selected from North  American hardwood trees, milled to a variety of dimensions, dried in kilns to cure the wood and reduce expansion and contraction due to changes in humidity, and handcrafted with machinery in various family operated woodworking shops.  Each piece is crafted and sanded, stained to the color of your choice, and hand finished with durable superior finishes to a satin-smooth appearance.

Proper Care

Solid hardwoods offer great resistance to marring and scratching.  If it gets damaged, it can be repaired because it is solid wood throughout.  Likewise, hardwoods are natural fibers.  Even furniture which has a good protective finish may swell or shrink slightly from one season to the next.  Extremely dry conditions will have an opening affect in the grain of the wood, while in a damp environment, the wood can swell and warp out of shape.  Also, exposure to direct sunlight may cause changes in the woods or finish.

Special Features

A few of the features that set us apart from most furniture stores are as follows:

  • Solid wood construction
  • Most drawers are dovetailed
  • Many choices of stain colors - some paints
  • Optional features on many items
  • Most pieces are made to your order
  • Furniture can be purchased in sets or by the piece.

Dutch Boy Furniture presently has a small showroom with a lot of variety,  with the expectation to grow into a larger facility with time.  At Dutch Boy Furniture customer satisfaction is of  highest priority in business; therefore, we guarantee satisfaction for an extended period of time.